Hanging at the Cross
Where the streets meet in Newtownsands

Told by Con Shine (carpenter)

Written by J. B. Connell (NT Moyvane)

abt 1910

My father remembers the white boys. There was a landlord in Kilbaha called Wall. There was another in Moyvane named Sands. Sands knew the names of all the white boys in the district. So did Wall. The white boys trusted Sands. But they were afraid that Wall would tell all the names. So they decided to do away with Wall.
 Wall was afraid of them. He made up his mind to take a house in Glin and went the Kerry line to Glin but he came back by Newtownsands way. The white boys watched him, they attacked his house that night and the firing went on till morning. In the morning they set fire to the house and Wall was burned to death.
 200 soldiers came from Limerick the following day. They were to kill everybody they met. But Sands met them over on the Tarbert road near Johnny Nashs and told them not to touch anybody that he would have all the white boys arrested that he knew them all. The soldiers did no harm then. They went to Kilbaha and the first they met were my father and my uncle Johnny threshing in the haggard. Sands said they are two honest boys, they’re a widow’s sons they never did harm to anybody and so they did nothing to them. My father was about 18 at the time.
 Sands gave the names of all the white boys and they were arrested and tried in Tralee. Three of them were sentenced to be hanged one of them was ordered to be brought to Newtown to be hanged. His name was Neill (Nayle). He was the ringleader he was hanged in Newtown by the soldiers. They drove 2 poles in the ground below at the cross and put another pole across. They then put him standing in a horses car, put a rope around his neck then pulled away the car and left him hanging there. He was hanging there all day. The soldiers used to come often and give him a swing for sport and leave him swing away for himself. All the doors were shut that day. You would not see a head out the door.
 In the evening they took him down and carried him to Tralee in a car. But they lost him above at Shea’s height Clountubrid. They turned back and found him again and carried him to Tralee. The other two were hanged in Tralee one of them was Mulvihill. I do not know who the other man was. Wall lived in Kilbaha where the road turns up to Kennelly’s house.
(This was also where John O’Connell’s wife Bridget Harrington lived. Con Shine, the narrator, lived next door to the O’Connells of Kilbaha West.)

Michael Mulvihill was tried in Tralee on the 3rd March, 1809. During the trial it was reported that he set fire to Walls House. He was executed on the 29th July, 1809. Danny McMahon claimed that Wall was not at home. The attackers set fire to his house took the child from the maid and tossed it into the burning house.
More than four years later, the Knight of Kerry noted that Timothy Mulvihill, the principal suspect, was still at large (National Archives of Ireland, SOC 1532/22.Ballinruddery, Listowel, 30 Sept. 1813, Maurice Fitzgerald to Robert Peel).
The apprehension of Timothy Mulvihill was reported in The Limerick General Advertiser of 31 May, 1814 ‘at Knockanure by the spirited and judicious exertions of John Sandes, Esq … aided by a party of the Waterford Militia’.
23 March, 1813. NPM; Eliza Wall, By the Rev. Mr. Ellard, at Kilmallock church, Maurice Creed Parker of Hermsbrook, Esq., to Eliza., third daughter of the late James Wall of Kilbaha, county Kerry, Esq.

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